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Not to be missed seminar in Canine Behaviour
Dogs love to run and jump. Dogs love to dig. Sometimes they bark and sometimes they don’t come when you call. A BigLeash® can help with that.
Your dog is happiest when he knows he is pleasing you. Help him figure it out by communicating more clearly with a BigLeash® Vibration Trainer.
Dogs bark. It’s a normal, natural dog behaviour. But some dogs bark too much. It’s not hard to tell the difference between occasional barking and barking that is excessive. If you have a barker, the BarkCollar™ can help.
The SideWalker® Leash Trainer provides a gentle training method to help create a more enjoyable on-leash experience for you and your dog. More walking, less pulling, and more time together side-by-side.
Hidden Fence brand is the most trusted company for Dog Containment Fences in Australia and is recommended by Animal Behaviour Veterinarians for critical escaping and wandering cases.
Clicker training is a method for training animals that uses positive reinforcement such as a food treat, along with a clicker or small mechanical noisemaker to mark the behavior being reinforced.

The 3.6 SAFT battery is suitable for a range of Dog Watch training collars
The CR1/3N battery is suitable for a range of Dog Watch training collars
Wire Repair Kit for Dog Watch Hidden Fence
Wireless Indoor Dog Fence - IB100
Training Flags
M7 Receiver Collar (small dogs and cats)
R9 Collar for medium to larger dogs
PowerPak to suit professional grade system